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Today’s topic, Struggling with body wrinkles and discoloration?
It’s important not to forget treating the body and hands they age also.

Consider using body retinols.


Retinols, or retinoids, are a class of compounds derived from vitamin A that have been widely used in skincare to address various skin concerns, including those on the body. While retinol products are commonly associated with facial skincare, they can also be beneficial when used on the body.

Here are some ways you can use body retinols to improve skin health:

  • Treating Body Acne: Retinols can help reduce acne on the body, such as back acne (bacne) or chest acne. They work by unclogging pores, preventing the formation of new blemishes, and reducing inflammation. You can apply a body retinol product to the affected areas to help clear and prevent acne breakouts.
  • Improving Skin Texture: Retinols promote skin cell turnover and collagen production, which can lead to smoother, more even-textured skin. Using body retinol products can be particularly useful for addressing rough, bumpy skin, like keratosis pilaris (often referred to as “chicken skin”).
  • Reducing Hyperpigmentation: Body retinols can help fade dark spots, sunspots, and other forms of hyperpigmentation on the body. Regular use can lead to a more even skin tone and a reduction in the appearance of these discolorations.
  • Minimizing Stretch Marks: While retinols may not completely eliminate stretch marks, they can help improve their appearance by stimulating collagen production and promoting skin cell turnover. This can lead to a reduction in the redness and texture of stretch marks.
  • Preventing Premature Aging: Applying retinol to your body can help prevent premature signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. It can increase collagen production, making the skin more resilient and youthful.

When using body retinols, here are some important considerations:

  • Patch Test: Before applying retinol products to a large area of your body, it’s a good idea to do a patch test to ensure you don’t experience adverse reactions. Apply a small amount to a small area of skin and monitor for any irritation, redness, or itching.
  • Sun Protection: Retinol can make your skin more sensitive to UV radiation. It’s crucial to wear sunscreen on exposed areas and protect your skin from the sun when using retinol products.
  • Start Slowly: If you are new to using retinols, start with a lower concentration and gradually increase it as your skin adjusts. This can help minimize the risk of irritation.
  • Consult a Dermatologist: It’s always a good idea to consult with a dermatologist before starting any new skincare regimen. They can provide personalized recommendations based on your skin type and concerns.
  • Moisturize: Retinols can be drying, so it’s essential to use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and prevent excessive dryness or flakiness.

Overall, incorporating body retinols into your skincare routine can help address a range of skin concerns and promote healthier, more youthful skin on various parts of your body. Just be sure to use them carefully, following product instructions and taking into account your skin’s individual needs.

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HIFU Treatment Prices
Face $225 1.5 hours
Neck $90 40 min
Stomach starting at $250 1.5 hr minimum
Sculpted waist & back $500 3 hours
Lower back starting at $200 1 hour
Buttock starting at $200 1 hr minimum
Arms starting at $275 2 hr minimum


EMSlim Treatment Prices
Abs $60 30 min sessions
Butt $60 30 min sessions
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Red Light Therapy Session Prices
Face $35 30 min
Body Blanket $60 1 hour
Face & Body Blanket $80 1 hour
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40K Cavitation Session Prices
Stomach $60 1 hour
Hips $60 1 hour
Butt $60 1 hour
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